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Wish-granting Wheel mantra

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Wish-granting Wheel mantra Empty Wish-granting Wheel mantra

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Wish-granting Wheel mantra 8221_110

in the Kuntara Sutra it is stated that whoever's crown of their hear pass beneath this Mantra once, the misdeeds of 1000 Kalpa will be purified.
in the Forcefull WaterFall Sutra it is stated that whoever Sees this mantra once, the misdeeds of 300 million Kalpa will be purified.

Dlm sutra Kuntagara dikatakan, Siapapun yang mahkota kepalanya leat dibawah mantra ini sekali, dapat mensucikan dosa/karma buruk selama 1000 Kalpa
dlm Sutra AirTerjun Kuat dikatakan, Siapapun yang Melihat mantra ini sekali, dapat mensucikan dosa/ karma buruk selama 300 juta Kalpa.

1 Kalpa = 4.32 billion years (ENG)
1 Kalpa = 4.32 Triliun tahun (IND)

By chanting once, heavy negative karmas will be purified. Chanting seven times per day, will be reborn in the pureland
Melafalkan sekali, dapat menyucikan karma-karma buruk berat. Melafalkan 7x/ hari, akan dilahirkan di Tanah Suci.

The Mantra is ' Om Pemo Ushnisha Vimale Hum Phe ' or 'Om Padmo Ushnisha Vimale Hum Phat'

Reciting often this mantra, will be able to remember the past lives and see the future lives.
Dengan sering melafalkan mantra ini, akan dapat mengingat kembali kehidupan masa lampau dan melihat kehidupan masa depan.

By Chanting this mantra and blow it on our shirt and insence, the smell will purify ourself and bless us.
Melafalkan mantra ini dan hembus pada pakaian dan dupa, bau harumnya bisa menyucikan diri dan membawa berkat.

By placing it above the door, all beings who pass through below will be purified and never be reborn in the bad places.
Dengan menaruh mantra ini diatas pintu, semua makhluk yang berjalan dibawahnya akan tersucikan dan tidak akan dilahirkan di alam buruk.

By Reciting 7x daily, the merit is the same as making offerings to the Buddha as much as the sands of the ganges river.
Dengan melafalkan 7x, jasa pahalanya sama dengan berdana kepada para Buddha, yg bnyknya bagai pasir di sungai Gangga

By reciting the mantra and blowing on Perfumes, incense, or items that produces sound the person who experience them will be purified from their misdeeds, be cured and join the Buddha path.
Dengan melafalkan mantra ini dan dihembuskan parfum, dupa atau benda yang menghasilkan suara, org yang mengalaminya akan tersucikan, disembuhkan dan masuk ke jalan Kebuddhaan.

The Wish-Granting Wheel Mantra

This mantra also has unbelievable benefits. If you recite it seven times each day you will be reborn in the pure realms. If you recite this mantra and blow upon clothing, it purifies yourself and any other sentient being who touches it. If you recite it, blow on the incense and then burn it the smoke purifies other sentient beings. If you put this mantra above doorways, people who pass beneath it are purified and not reborn in the lower realms. In Tibet, paper with this mantra written on it was touched to dead peopleís bodies, purifying their karma and preventing rebirth in the lower realms.

Recalling this mantra just once has the power to purify even the five uninterrupted negative karmas. It prevents rebirth in Avici, the heaviest of all the hells; for many eons you will not have to be reborn in this state of unbearable suffering. You eradicate all obscurations and negative karma and are never again reborn in the lower realms. It enables you to remember past lives and see future lives. If you recite this mantra seven times each day you accumulate unbelievable merit equivalent to that of making offerings to buddhas equal in number to the grains of sand in the River Ganges. In your next life you will be reborn in a pure realm and will be able to achieve hundreds of concentrations.

If you recite this mantra, blow upon sand and throw that sand onto a dead body, even if the dead person had broken vows and was reborn in a lower realm, you can change the personís life and he or she will be reborn in a higher realm. If you recite this mantra and blow upon perfume or incense, whoever smells that perfume or incense will be purified of negative karma and cured of even contagious disease. It helps you achieve the complete qualities of a buddha.( http://www.lamayeshe.com/index.php?sect=article&id=243&chid=659#wgw_mantra )


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